Actemium Oil & Gas Australia accomplishes the world’s first Frame 7 gas turbine changeover

In partnership with TRACE JV, Actemium Oil & Gas Australia was involved in the 163-person team that successfully and securely accomplished a critical lift exercise. The project allowed the replacement of a Frame 7 Gas Turbine at the ICHTHYS LNG facility in Darwin, Australia.

With the help of two 63-Tonne overhead gantry cranes, the turbines were safely lifted under the care of the team. The total lift weight was a remarkable 105.5 tonnes. 

Commissioning of the unit will now commence in order for the facility to be ready for start-up at the end of the current Shutdown event.
A customer representative states that “this is the first modular changeover ever undertaken for a Frame 7 turbine globally…”

For more information, please contact Martin Holt.