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Over hele verden jobber Actemiums eksperter for å levere  sikre og bærekraftige løsninger og tjenester for hele den industrielle livssyklusen. Vi samarbeider på tvers av verdensdeler, land, selskap og avdelinger – til beste for våre kunder.

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    Actemium enters Norway with a bang!

    To bring in the new year, the first Actemium project in Norway was delivered to Vafos Pulp AS, a company that specializes in the production of unbleached pulp.
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    Actemium powers innocent’s CO2 neutral factory

    'The blender' is being built in the port of Rotterdam; a CO2 neutral factory for innocent drinks, manufacturer of smoothies and fruit juices. The factory will produce about 400 million bottles of chilled juices and smoothies per year for 17 European countries. Actemium provides a high-voltage installation.
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    Smart MES solution guarantees continuous improvement

    Royal Vaassen Flexible Packaging supplies flexible packaging materials for the dairy, food and tobacco industries. The company is transitioning from having twenty different operations systems to Shopfloor-Online, a single MES system in which operators can easily make analyses and dashboards with their factory and machines. It is configurable and can be tailored to specific needs, allowing operators to work efficiently.
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    Actemium Oil & Gas Australia accomplishes the world’s first Frame 7 gas turbine changeover

    In partnership with TRACE JV, Actemium Oil & Gas Australia was involved in the 163-person team that successfully and securely accomplished a critical lift exercise. The project allowed the replacement of a Frame 7 Gas Turbine at the ICHTHYS LNG facility in Darwin, Australia.
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    Actemium supports SYMBIO’s journey in accelerating its industrialization

    Symbio, equally owned by FAURECIA and MICHELIN is stepping up its industrialization as a major player in the zero-emission mobility market. The company is developing hydrogen systems for a large range of vehicles including electric vehicles.
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    Preventive maintenance of rotating machines at Isover

    World leader in insulation, Isover, a subsidiary of the Saint-Gobain group, is benefiting from growing demand for their products.
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    How can Actemium help you to reduce CO2 emissions?

    By 2030, CO2 emissions in the Netherlands must be reduced by half, and by 2050, it must be reduced to 95% on behalf of the Dutch government in response to the Paris Climate Agreement. The FME, a Dutch Business organization for the Technology Industry, has set up Project 6-25 to be able to make a rapid contribution to achieve these objectives.
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    Actemium UK Wins RoSPA Gold Award for the Fifth Year Running!

    For the fifth year running, Actemium UK's Health & Safety Team has won the RoSPA Gold Award which has landed them the prestigious RoSPA Gold Medal Award!
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    Innovative packaging improves food safety

    Actemium Cincinnati has partnered with Custom Design Applications (CDA) in designing improved packaging solutions. The company uses innovative electron beam technology (Ebeam) in developing a system for coating and curing 30-inch flexible packaging films.
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    How digital technologies can boost the development of the EV powertrain technology facility

    With a growing demand for electric vehicles in the automotive industry, the need for modern manufacturing and developing facilities is becoming a major opportunity.
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