Investing in a solar photovoltaic system made from reused materials can save 62 tons of CO2 per year

COMSIP, the company made up of both Actemium and Omexom teams, will implement a 52kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) system, made completely from reused materials (PV panels, inverter, & cables) of past projects, in the parking lot of their office in Bahrain. Electricity is generated from fossil fuel (99% of Bahrain’s energy mix), resulting in direct CO2 emissions. Therefore, switching from fossil to renewable energy will have an important impact on CO2 reduction.

This project will also be economically interesting as energy prices in Bahrain have increased by 725% in the past 5 years. Using the energy produced by the PV installation will reduce COMSIP’s energy bill. It’s expected that 20% of the office’s electricity needs will be covered, resulting in a project payback time of 4 years.

In total, 144 PV panels from Canadian solar will be used as well as an SMA inverter. Also, to spread awareness to employees and customers, a monitor will be installed at the office’s entrance to display real-time PV production and CO2 savings. The PV installation will generate 84.3 MWh per year, which will enable them to save 62 tons of CO2 per year!

For more information, please contact Juliane Jundt or Aurelien Chaussy.